Should I File Bankruptcy

If three or more of the following apply to you, you should consult a bankruptcy attorney now. If more than five of the following apply to you, you probably should have seen one months ago! See also our other page Bankruptcy Alternatives.

_____        My debt is over $5000 not including a car or house.
_____        I am frequently late on payments.
_____        I buy necessary items like food or clothing, on credit.
_____        I am thinking about getting a loan to pay other loans.
_____        Collection agencies are calling me.
_____        I make payments, but my balances don’t go down.
_____        Payments are over 1 month behind on more than one bill.
_____        I can’t afford car insurance.
_____        We are getting divorced and have too many bills to pay.
_____        There is a wage garnishment on my check.
_____        My car is worth much less than I owe.
_____        My payments are over 25% of my take home pay.
_____        I pay 20% interest on my debt.
_____        I frequently get cash advances.
_____        Someone has filed a lawsuit against me.
_____        I am “robbing Peter to pay Paul.”
_____        I have been turned down for more credit.
_____        My drivers license is suspended because of an accident.
_____        My mortgage or rent is always late.
_____        I have high medical bills that weren’t paid by insurance.
_____        I owe income taxes I can’t pay now.
_____        I have no savings.

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